I have had my Office 365 (Microsoft 365) subscription for 9 years now, and although I am a Microsoft MVP, and I do not consider myself ‘super’ technical. And by that, I mean I have never built a pc / server from scratch. I do however consider myself a ‘citizen developer and Office 365 changed that for many of us, as we no longer need to worry about the hardware, databases, and services. …

Did you know that #Microsoft #Office365 could supply all the apps and services your employees need to develop the critical 8 #DigitalLiteracy Skills? Why not roll out a Digital Literacy Campaign first, instead of just throwing new tech at them? Let’s take a look at how you could do this. #Adoption #ChangeManagement #Training

Change Management

Any change management methodology refers to ‘creating a need first’. ADKAR is a perfect example of this. To truly achieve adoption of technology we need to create awareness first, which leads to the desire ‘to have’:

Understanding the difference between #Microsoft #Office365 #Consumption and #Adoption, might help you redefine your success criteria and measure it different. Now that is if you agree with me that they are two different things. Let’s see if I can change your mind, or maybe, you can change mine.

Adoption is the action or fact of choosing to take up, follow, or use something.

Consumption of goods and services is the amount of them used in a particular time period.

“Consumption is forcing your kids to eat broccoli, adoption is them actually liking it, understanding that it’s good for…

To get different results, we need to do things different. Man alive! I’ve repeated that quote so many times I might as well tattoo it on my arm. Let’s face it, we’re not trying to ‘sell’ #Microsoft365 | #Office365 to robots are we? We’re hoping to get humans to “adopt” it and be happy doing so. Which brings me to the question: “Why are we not targeting it at humans then?”

Digital transformation: are you ready for exponential change?

This incredible video by Futurist Gerd Leonhard always gives me goosebumps and touches on a subject, very important & dear to me: humans. …

I really believe that not everyone should be creating #MicrosoftTeams. Having a centralized provisioning process ( owned by IT or business) ensures naming conventions, no duplicates and yes, NO TEAMS SPRAWL. Let’s take a look at this process and also which Tabs I think should be added by default.

Moving to the Cloud? Contact me for a FREE 60 minute, Microsoft 365 Immersion Experience.

Microsoft Teams Provisioning Process:

Don’t laugh at my process flowchart. I refuse. End of story. 🙂

With all the choices available, it’s understandable that companies are struggling to make decisions regarding where their documents should live in #Office365. New options are #OneDrive, #SharePoint and #MicrosoftTeams. In this blog we’ll take a look at sharing internal content where are not necessary or viable AND I’ll show you how to make this accessible from within #MicrosoftTeams.

Moving to the Cloud?Contact me for a FREE 60 minute, Microsoft 365 Immersion Experience.

Note: Keep in mind that the size of your company and complexity of document sharing might influence whether this model could work for you. …

So now that I’ve got your attention: It’s not ‘new’ cloud technologies, or #Microsoft, #Office365 or the #Cloud ‘s fault, because the software is not ‘intuitive’ enough, or because your users are just difficult… it’s YOU and by that I mean, US. That’s if you’re part of management / IT who made the decision to move. Maybe you’ll read the rest of the article, maybe you won’t, But I can promise you, you need to hear this. And it will change the way you think about rolling out new technology, forever.

This is not a 5 minute read, and it’s…

Change is hard and it’s only human to resist or dislike something new, especially if it’s very different to what you knew before. I see people stuck in various stages of this curve all the time and thought I’d share some ideas on how you can move forward in your adoption of #Office365 and #SharePoint Online.

Most of the Apps & Services in #Office365 are new, and the biggest change between on-premises and cloud that we’ve had to deal with was SharePoint. In the beginning (about 7 years ago), it was tough for me as well to adopt #SharePoint Online

Yesterday we launched our Shake & Bake Show … Whoooop!! The purpose of this show is to create a platform (kitchen) for those awesome Citizen Developers (chefs) out there, to showcase the incredible things they’re cooking up with #Office365 Apps & Services. So please reach out if you’d like to be involved.

Episode 1 | 14 February 2019: In this week’s episode, I will show you how to use Design Ideas and other features in #PowerPoint to create images and banners for your #SharePoint online pages and #Sways.

Below you can find the recording of our first Episode!!


Consumption of Cloud Technologies / #Microsoft #Office365 is something everyone ‘craves’. I suppose that’s the physical measurement of adoption. There’s been many theories and good examples on how to achieve adoption, but sadly many companies fail. I suspect it’s because we’re focusing on the wrong stuff. Here’s some tips on how to achieve that.


Many companies have purchased Office 365 licenses for their users, very few are using more than Exchange & OneDrive. With the introduction of Teams we experienced greater consumption on SharePoint (as that’s the storage) and users are exposed to more through the Tabs they can add…

Tracy van der Schyff

Office Servers MVP & Absolute lover of all things People, Microsoft & Tech. My life Mission is to facilitate the evolution of human capabilities.

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